Building Resilience

Face-to-face duration: 3 days

Course Objectives

This three (3) day course will help teach participants how to identify emotional triggers and provide them with the knowledge and skills required to manage emotions accordingly.

Self-awareness and self-management are key competencies for building resilience. Changing their perception of a situation can certainly steer people towards achieving positive results and sustaining trust in relationships.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Ability to understand emotions and their effects on professional and personal goals.
  2. Monitor emotional triggers and achieve calmness.
  3. Respond to challenges by gaining control and eliminating negative thoughts.
  4. Develop emotional intelligence techniques


Managers at all levels, team leaders, supervisors, in particular anyone needing building resilience management strategies.


  • Ability to apply practical, constructive strategies for mastering own emotions, specifically around managing anger and staying assertive.
  • Confidence to detect anger triggers and keep emotional state under control.
  • Learn to apply techniques for turning disagreement or conflict into a positive relationship building opportunity.
  • Assurance that practising and mastering constructive language choices, will project a calm and confident state which resonates positively with others.
  • Acquire tools and techniques for calming thoughts and responding to challenges in a constructive, proactive manner.


  1. The ‘fight or flight’ theory.
  2. Common anger myths and their factual refutations.
  3. Helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with emotional reactions.
  4. Techniques for building resilience, in particular: reading warning signs; using coping thoughts; exercising relaxation techniques and ‘blowing off’ steam.
  5. Difference between objective and subjective language.
  6. Tips for identifying the problem.
  7. Express a feeling or position using ‘I’-messages.
  8. Skills and techniques for making a disagreement constructive, including effective negotiation and solution building.
  9. Reflection on personal ‘hot buttons’ and own emotional dynamics.
  10. ‘Alter, avoid and accept’ approach of responding to an emotion-provoking situation.
  11. Energy curve and how it can help in responding to someone else’s emotions.
  12. Emotional intelligence techniques.
  13. Integrated view of building resilience and how it can be best practised.

Program Outline

Day One

Getting started

  • Workshop objectives.
  • Reflection: Personal resilience strategy.

Understanding emotional reactions

  • The cycle of emotional reactions
  • Activity: Describing the five phases of an emotional reactions
  • Understanding fight or flight.
  • Common myths about anger.

Do’s and don’ts

  • Unhelpful ways of dealing with emotional reactions.
  • Helpful ways to build resilience.

Gaining control

  • Heeding warning signals.
  • Using coping thoughts.
  • Using relaxation techniques.
  • Blowing off steam.

Day Two

Separate the people from the problem

  • Objective versus subjective language.
  • Identifying the problem.
  • Using “I” messages.

Working on the problem

  • Using constructive disagreement.
  • Negotiation tips.
  • Building consensus.
  • Identifying solutions.

Solving the problem

  • Choosing the solution.
  • Making a plan.
  • Getting it done.

A personal plan

  • Understanding hot buttons.
  • Identifying your hot buttons.
  • A personal anger log.

Day Three

The Triple A approach

  • Alter.
  • Avoid.
  • Accept.

Dealing with angry people

  • Understanding the energy curve.
  • De-escalation techniques.
  • When to back away and what to do next.

Pulling it all together

  • Process overview.
  • Putting it into action.

Wrapping it up

  • Words to the wise.
  • Review.
  • Action planning.
  • Evaluations.


"The Student Manual is a logical, carefully thought through and well presented document. The face-to-face facilitators are helpful, patient, knowledgeable and passionate. Thank you for the time and effort that blueVisions have put into preparing and supporting this course."

David Thorpe iiNet Australia

"Your personal contribution to our training has been invaluable. Your infectious high spirits and genuine want for our success have shone through. I sincerely thank you for your efforts over the past two years."

Stephen Davies Group Manager, Construction Services Group, NSW

"Your course made me realise how irrelevant what I was learning through my university course actually was to my job. Due to this, I will be seeking to complete the remainder of the modules in this diploma through blueVisions."

Damien Bleeker Project Coordinator, Liverpool City Council, NSW

"Thank you for a wonderful course....This has been by far the best development course I've ever been a part of."

David Darcy LSPSPO - Defence Materiel Organisation

"Having sat in at various times in both courses, as well as being present for the final summary and feedback sessions I was really impressed with the positive feedback and outcomes. The blueVisions trainers did an awesome job and really motivated and inspired both groups. The level of the course was spot on for each group."

Brian Clarke Leadership Development Coordinator, Gasco